Saturday, July 02, 2011

Songs that remind me of my childhood Number 7 - Stop (Erasure)

Songs that remind me of my childhood Number 7:-

Erasure - Stop

People who know me well will know what a big Erasure fan I am. Although I had heard and liked their previous songs, "Stop" is probably the song that made me really like the group and showed me just how good their music was compared to what was on offer in the charts back in 1988. However, it was a few years later when I really became a fan and followed them more. It is also quite appropriate that I choose this song today because the postman has just delivered my copies of the newly released "Wonderland" and "The Circus" 3 disk remastered editions.

Anyway, this song always reminds me of Christmas 1988, and once again I remember it being on a compilation tape my sister made me for me.

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