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The random ramblings of a Star Trek-obsessed schools ICT Systems Manager who likes a good moan.
This is a place where I can whinge about life, and express my love of my family, 80's music, retro computer gaming (especially on my Commodore 64),
 oh and Star Trek. I'm very open with my opinions and I like a good moan. If you don't like what I say, then you might want to consider not reading this blog.

About Me

Let me sum up my life in six paragraphs.

My name is Stuart Wilson and I was born in January 1977. I currently live in the United Kingdom, originally from a town called Laindon (Basildon) which is located about 25 miles east of London. However in April 2002 I moved away and now live in the country with my wonderful wife Michelle (whom I married in July 2003) in the small historic town of Evesham. We have one beautiful son called Kieran who was born in February 2005 and two equally beautiful twin daughters - Sophie and Kayleigh who were born in August 2009.

I am currently employed as an ICT Systems / Network Manager & MIS Strategy Manager at a local secondary school here in Evesham, managing the IT staff and computer networks of 5 local schools (The De Montfort School - formly Evesham High School and Simon de Montfort Middle School, St Richards First School, Evesham Nursery School, Blackminster Middle School and Pebworth First School). A job I thoroughly enjoy (well...  most of the time!)

I have a keen interest in music, especially electronic and dance music. My favourite artists and groups include Erasure, Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Italobrothers, Manian, DJ Sammy, Scooter and many others. I write and compose my own music using various soft-synths and other programs on my PC. I also like to play computer games ranging from 30 year old Commodore 64 classics all the way up to the latest releases PS3 and PS4 releases.  I also collect retro computers and consoles and have quite a collection which are slowly taking over the bedroom (much to the wife's disgust!)

I'm a trekker (or trekkie - whatever you want to call us) and love Star Trek. I also like most sci-fi shows, but especially Stargate SG1 and now the new Dr Who (although since Steven Moffat took over, I'm quickly losing interest in what is quickly becoming something that should be on CBBC!!). I also like horror, and anything that includes zombies (The Walking Dead) and the end of the world!!! Morbid and grim, maybe... but very entertaining nethertheless. Don't get me started on crappy soap operas, or boring sport.

I also enjoy photography, travelling (when I can), going for long walks, 3D graphics, and web-designing.

Having spent a lifetime of people criticising me for what I do and like, I now not afraid to express my opinions and views on life, and I do like a good moan (in a light-hearted kind of way). This has got me in to trouble in the past, but it is the one thing about me that I would never change. If you don't like it.... well... goodbye :)

The Wilson Brood!  Kayleigh, Kieran and Sophie