Saturday, July 15, 2006

Aye Aye Cap'n

Michelle is out doing a disco, Kieran is in bed sleeping, and I'm sat here in front of the computer having spent the last hour writing a very basic little tune called "Sailors Song". It was written using the fantastic SkaleTracker software, (amd slightly edited using Goldwave).

Download "Stuart's Sailors Song" <---- Right click and select Save Target As

Credit where credit is due - This song is based on "The Sailors Hornpipe" by Mike Oldfield which of course is featured on his excellent album "Tubular Bells", and this particular version which I have done is based on Bob Hartsthorne version which was featured on CRL's Tubular Bells music demo on the Commodore 64.


  1. Another hit old chap! Tam *loves* this and it's been on repeat for the last half hour. I think I'm going to join the Navy ;)

    Kudos, you show off bastid.

  2. So glad Tam likes it!! Does that mean I have another fan?

  3. Yes yes, you can chalk up another one ;)
    Of course, it should be somewhat longer!