Monday, August 28, 2006

We're back....

Well, we arrived home last night after travelling for nearly 5 hours (bit longer than usual). Had a nice time back in Laindon - pity we couldnt have stayed longer. We didn't get to do much while we were away simply because we just didn't have the time. We did manage to catch up with our friends Pete and Gemma (and their new baby Amy), and Dan, Jodie, Tamsyn and Jaysen. Always nice to catch up with them.

I have to admit that as of late, I have been feeling a little homesick. I think some of it comes from the incident which happened when me and Michelle were on Holiday in Weymouth with her family. Things were said, and it just makes Basildon seem a little more 'welcoming'. I'm sure if it wasn't for my job, we would seriously consider moving back.

I lived in Laindon, in the same house for over 25 years, and will always consider it home. Problem is, with the major housing development and improvement project which is currently underway on my old estate, everytime we return, the place just looks more and more different each time we visit. All my childhood play areas are being ripped up, and redeveloped into houses and flats and it kind of makes me feel a little sad. When we arrived last Thursday night, as we got off the train, the differences in the estate were more noticeable than ever before. I took a load of pictures so that I can remember the place before they transform the whole estate into something that is completely unrecognisable to me. I have too many memories (good and bad) of that place and would hate to lose them.

Well the school summer holidays are nearly over (thankgod). ONE WEEK TO GO!! I just want to get back to work next week and for things to return back to normal again.


  1. Come back to Bas! Work at the "James Hornsby" school! I am sure you'd love it, dodging bottles and suchlike.

  2. If they would have me at James Hornsby, I would move back - I wonder what will happen if I emailed or sent them a CV??