Thursday, September 28, 2006

Its a dull dull day in a dull dull week in a dull dull month

Sorry for the lack of updates. To be honest, not much has been happening here in Evesham lately, and things have been rather quiet.

We are looking forward to flying over to Jersey in two weeks for a couple of days to see my friend Fiona get married to her fella. The last time I flew on a plane (my first time actually when we went to Rhodes), I practically s**t myself when we took off. When I'm up there, its ok - its just the whole taking off and landing part which I hate. I've been trying to explain to Kieran that we're going up in the air on an aeroplane (trying to demonstrate with one of his toy planes)....

I think he kind of understands.... and he laughs.... no doubt wondering why Daddy is holding one of his toys and making strange vvrrrrmmmmm noises.

Hopefully something exciting will happen here in Evesham worth writing about, but until then.......


  1. Well, if the town tractor gets stolen, that'll put you on a downer for the rest of the year as nothing else will happen... Maybe a chicken will go missing ;)

    And I think it's the weather - I've been bored out my skull as well!

  2. I've had to resort to spending the night looking at videos on Youtube. I thought I'd do a search for 'Basildon' and didnt find much, apart from a rather rude music video recorded in Basildon Town Centre, all about using an oriface in ones body for something other than what its designed for!

    We don't get that kind of thing here!!