Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ready.... and...... Breathe

Here I am again, with another song!

First of all, you've all probably noticed that I have had a play with the design and layout of my blog - I hope you all like it.

Back to the main reason for this post

Actually, this song isn't entirely mine - whereas I prefer to write my music from scratch, this one was put together using the Digimpro software (very quickly may I add). I tend to stay well clear of these 'remix' programs where you simply drag loops and samples onto a grid to make the song (ala Dance Ejay) as I don't think there is one bit of creativeness in the finished songs, but what the hell!! Actually, after saving the finished song, I did run it through my music editing software and added a few of my own bits here and there in the song to make it a little more unique, so its a kind of collaboration effort!

Anyway, I'm putting it online here because I liked the finished result so much.

May I present to you - Erasure's Breathe - The Wilson Remix.

Full credits go to Erasure - Andy Bell and Vince Clarke.... The masters of synth/pop music! (and my inspiration!)


  1. The English Household likes :)
    And I still say you're a show off.

    How about a challenge to prove your worth - I name some music, you mess with it. Granted I can't do anything in return, but still...

  2. A challenge... I like a challenge.... I Accept!

  3. Bwhahaha... I shall see what I can pull - I might give you a choice of 2 or 3 songs, and you can take one of those three. No time limits or anything, but I just think it'd be pretty impressive.

    Anything I need to know before hand? Don't want to present you with stuff you can't use ;)

  4. Pretty cool stuff. Loving the mix. Did you know you can also play around with many other songs (including another Erasure track) on Just thought I'd let you know.


  5. maybe when i recommend a site i should spell it properly. here we