Thursday, December 21, 2006

Kieran the stuntman!

I'm on holiday!!! School has finished for Christmas so I'm off work till the 3rd January.

Had another driving lesson today. Drove round town, (same route as before) and did another three-point turn - I am getting better.... Honest. Had a go at reversing round a corner (which I did really well), and then had a ride along the Evesham bypass and through town.

Kieran had a little accident and we thought we were going to have to take him to casualty. He was playing, but got a little carried away running in the living room, tripped over and whacked his head on the edge of my surround sound sub and amplifer which is next to the television (in true stuntman style). He had a pretty big lump come up on his forehead, and took a big lump of skin out which bled quite a bit, but after a few seconds crying he was fine and went back to playing.

I took a photo, but the lump had practically gone down by the time I had taken it. He's just got a scab now (which he insists on scratching!!)

I think it looked worse than it actually was.

And since I've been posting quite a few photos of Kieran on my Blog lately, I thought I'd include the following one - Action pose Kieran (perhaps he is trying to imitate Sportacus on the TV?)

Anyway, only 4 days till Chrimbo, and am I looking forward to it? Not really. Actually, besides watching Kieran opening his presents in the morning, I'm just looking forward to the xmas Doctor Who special on BB1 (sad aren't I).

Bah Humbug!

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  1. Ahhh head injuries... they bleed like a stuck pig, look awful, and swell up an impressive amount, but other than that :D

    And I bet you have a great Xmas :D