Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Roll on 2007!

Here I am again with another picture of Kieran playing with his new toys.

This one was an xmas present from his Granny and 'Gampy' (Michelle's folks), and although we are really grateful.... Where are we gonna store the bloody thing!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

We're thinking of building a garage, or an extension so that we can store all of Kieran's new toys!

Anyway, it is now the 27th December, and Christmas has finally gone. I hate saying it, but I am glad. As I have mentioned here before I am not a very festive person. I am probably the most least religious person on the planet, and Christmas for me is a very depressing time of year. That probably sounds really selfish of me now that I am married with a young son, but I do have reasons which I do not wish to talk about here. Don't get me wrong though, watching Kieran opening his presents was wonderful and I look forward to it again next year, but the whole Christmas thing for me just gets me really down and sad. I can't wait for things to get back to normality again.

Anyway, there is something I am looking forward to before going back to work - spending the New Year with my Mum and Dad. Michelle, Kieran and I are heading to Laindon tomorrow evening and staying until Tuesday to see in the New Year back home. Its a great opportunity for us to see my folks, and hopefully see my friends too as I still miss them all more than ever.

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  1. He fits right in with your area now, seeing as he has his own tractor! hehehe