Sunday, July 15, 2007

Week in a post!!

It's been an interesting (and hectic) week for me. With less than a week to go before the school summer holidays begin, its all been go at school. After my promotion a few weeks ago, my replacement started on Tuesday so much of my time has been spent training him up. We had the staff ball at Dumbleton Hall on Thursday which went really well (hey, I was the DJ so of course it would have been a good night). Considering that we had an issue with lights (ie, we had none), we had to improvise with some christmas tree lights. It didn't turn out too bad actually, and everyone had a fabulous time. I had them dancing on the dance floor all night!

... AND Kieran went to playschool for the first time on Thursday.......

... Actually he doesn't start playschool officially until the 11th September but we were asked if he could pop down for an induction session. He absolutely loved it!!! Infact, the only time he cried was when Michelle had to drag him out to go home!!!! He didn't seem to care when Michelle left him to play with the other children on his own. He is so unlike me!!!! I cried the house down when my Mum took me to playschool for the first time and when she left me!!

So this weekend I have been taking it really easy, watching old episodes of Doctor Who on UKTV Drama, downloading more movie soundtracks (more on this later), working on a song that I've been writing for a few months now, doing some more photography and playing with Kieran and his 40 new toy cars that I went out and bought him on Friday.

4 more days to go and then I've got 6 weeks of lounging around!!!!! WOOHOOO.

Anyway, I will now leave you with another picture that I have been working on - "The Ship"

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