Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another post.... Another redesign...

I tried, but I just wasn't too sure about the last design change to this blog. It looked fab on my computer, and it looked alright on some of the computers at the school, but I did notice that it just did not appear the way it should do in Firefox, and in Internet Explorer 6 or below.

So, here we go again with a new redesign. Not too sure on this one either, so expect another change soon. I've already changed some of the code, but I think I'm going to dabble with changing the fonts and see how it looks after that.

Oh... BREAKING NEWS........ I am pleased to announce that Kieran is finally potty-trained!!!!!!! (Thats number ones and number twos!!!) WHOPPEEEEE

1 comment:

  1. It's awful isn't it - once you start, you find something not quite right, and change again, then something looks off and so on and so on...

    As you have your own space and code knowledge, you might find Wordpress better for your needs - those templates seem to work better ;)

    I like this current one, but my only complaint would be the grey bar across the top with your links on it. I would make that grey bar as wide as your actual content.

    Otherwise, Firefox2 on Widescreen Vista laptop - looks fine!

    And YAY Kieran!! Ignore anyone in the family that says "he should be doing...." the little man will do what he wants when he wants!