Thursday, October 25, 2007

Basildon... Chav central....

We decided to pop down to my old home in Laindon for a few days this week (We came on Sunday and are returning home to Evesham tomorrow), and although we've had a nice break, I would just like to say how arrogant, and horrible some of the people from the area have become.

To those of you who have pissed me off (and especially that silly brat who decided to call Kieran a c**t for no apparent reason while her mum (a typical essex single Mum in her tracksuit, talking on her mobile) just ignored the whole thing...... UP YOURS!!.

And why is it that Basildon is so full of scenes like this.......

Has Basildon become the Chav capital of Great Britain since I moved away in 2002?

Can't wait to go home now back to the country!

Note to Dan *** Sorry mate that we couldn't meet up while we were down visiting. I did try ringing your phone a few times, but I couldn't get through.

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