Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rock on Tommy!

Well, the summer holidays have started and I am now off work for 6 weeks. Already after just one day of sitting on my arse I have accomplished something I never thought I'd ever do - It has only taken me 22 years, but I have finally completed the Commodore Plus 4 version of Tom Thumb WITHOUT losing one life!!!! (and without cheating!)

180000, all 26 keys and with 13 lives left is the highest score I have ever had! I missed a few of the treasures so I am sure I could get a slightly higher score, but I'm happy with it! For those who have never played it before, it can be a rather frustrating game and it is very easy to get far in it, only to be killed and to return to a checkpoint much earlier in the game.

For a game that cost a couple of quid back in 1986, I think I got my moneys worth!

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