Sunday, April 15, 2012

Commodore 64 + 1

Today is a very notable day.  100 years ago on this day, the Titanic sank...  10 years ago, I ditched my essex life in favour of a new life in Evesham with Michelle, and today I have just obtained my 5th working Commodore 64 computer, with much thanks to my Father-in-Law for kindly giving it to us.

It's another Commodore 64C, but what makes this extra special is that it is in immaculate condition (the mainboard and case - although I did have to replace the keyboard with a spare one because it didn't work), and it also comes with a Commodore 1570 disk drive (which will complement my two 1541-II drives quite nicely), and an Evesham Micro's Freeze Frame cartridge - hey, I do live in Evesham - it's a bit of the town's computing history!

My Commodore 64 collection as of 15th April 2012 (not including my hundreds of tapes and disks!)

Now, you may already be aware that I do have a strong affinity with the C64, thanks mainly because it helped me through my childhood and kept me entertained for many of my younger years, but my retro computer collection is not just limited to Commodore computers.   I am very quickly running out of space, and the hope is to one day have my own games room, with each machine set up individually, and dedicated to all of these great computers.  I can dream :)

Until then however, Michelle will just have to put up with my hoarding, and taking over the house!!!!!!!!!

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