Monday, April 09, 2012

Time for a change.

Every now and then, I get an urge to do something with this blog.  The intention is to write about my life, my hobbies and interests, my family, my work, and every time I plan to write something, I end up not bothering.  A friend of mine (Dan) over at has just redesigned his blog (and very good it is too), and it has given me a little inspiration to do something with this blog.  Soooooo, I too have decided to redesign it.  Ok, it's not much different from the old design, but I've fixed a few little bugs which were present in the old design.

The question is, now that I have a fresh new design, can I maintain it with fresh, new content?

1 comment:

  1. heh thanks, let's hope you don't get the urge to redo yours as often as I redo mine... At least mine is just a case of recoding some widgets and stuff - yours is your entire blog :D

    And very nice it is too... Just keep posting in your "free time" hehe