Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Diary of a stressed Network Manager.... Part 1

Actually, so far this week has been far from being stressful (which is a pleasant surprise).  We're two days in to the school summer holiday, and I've already managed to get most of what I wanted to do during the first week done and dusted.  OK, I've had to relocate my office to a classroom while my office gets decorated, but so far I have managed to setup and configure 3 servers (1x physical and 2 x virtual), and setup an image of a new PC, ready to be 'ghosted' to a suite of brand new Acer X2631G i5 computers.  And of course move my furniture back in to my usual office.

My office for the past 2 days while my office gets decorated.  Spot the most important piece of technology on my desk....  Yep, the fan!

Our new Microsoft Exchange Server (currently being set up).  Actually it's a host to two virtual servers (one that will host Exchange and another that will be a Domain Controller).

My office at 9:00am this morning

My office at 9:00am this morning (from the other direction!)

Still working on it, but this is how my office appeared by the end of the day.  Looking cosy!

New PC's ready to be imaged for deployment

My office for the past 2 days - soon to be an IT suite with very nice, shiny new computers.  Out students our sooooo lucky!!
Anyway, I really do hope that the rest of the summer holiday goes as smoothly as the first few days.  Wishful thinking?  We'll see.

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