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Monday, February 02, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday Kieran

It's hard to believe that our little Kieran is no longer little any more and has now finally reached double figures.  Yep, 10 years ago today at exactly 5:13am, he entered the world (or should I say yanked and pulled!), weighing in at a healthy 8lb 4 1/2 oz. 
Watching him grow in to the young man that he is today has been one of the most wonderful life experiences I have ever had.  Both Michelle and I could not have asked for a more wonderful, caring, loving, and good looking son! 
The past day or so I've been reminiscing and remembering some of the wonderful times I've shared with my boy but at the same time feeling a little sad that for the past few years I really feel like I have let my work and other things get in the way of our 'play time'.  I really need that to change.
Anyway, enough of that...  Enjoy a small selection of pictures of Kieran from the day we first saw him during a scan at the hospital, his birth, and then up to yesterday during his 10th Birthday Party.  These are random pictures - I couldn't pick my favourite ones from a collection of over 43,000 photographs!!!!
The first time we saw Kieran, albeit, just the shape of him!!! (2004)
Proud Daddy moment, still at the hospital. (2005)
First trip to the seaside at Southend (2005)
Growing boy (2006)
Playing in the park (2007)
At the seaside again (2007)
Another Daddy and Kieran photo (2008)
Dressed up and looking smart (2008)
Doing a bit of gardening with Mummy (2008)
Kieran's first trek up the Malvern Hills (2009)
Kieran with his sisters (2009)
Spikey-haired Kieran (2010)
Kieran playing with his Army Men (2010)
You're supposed to eat the ice-cream Kieran! (2010)
Kieran riding his bike (2011)
Kieran and a Cyberman (2011)
Happy Kieran (2011)
Kieran during his 'Indiana Jones' period (2012)
Kieran on the Malvern Hills again (2012)
Kieran has been cloned!! (2012)
Kieran with his sisters (2013)
Smart Kieran (2013)
Kieran playing (2014)
Kieran showing off! (2014)
Kieran on his scooter at Southend (2014)
Kieran and sisters on Bredon Hill (2014)
Kieran (2015)
Kieran (2015)
Kieran, Daddy and a Creeper during his 10th Birthday Party (2015)
I love you mate!  Happy 10th Birthday Kieran, love from Mummy, Daddy, Kayleigh and Sophie  :)

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