Sunday, August 25, 2019

Techie Post - Nested If in Excel for converting month to a number

This post is more of a reminder for me, but may help someone else in a similar situation.  Every year in August when I need to create the new user accounts for the students starting in September at school, I need the student date of births to be in the format DDMMYY so that my custom powershell script can create the accounts in Active Directory

Sounds simple, but alas our School Information Management System exports the data in a weird format, so I am always having to modify and fix the exported data in excel before I can import the completed csv file.

Most can be accomplished using the excellent left, mid and right formulas, but the date (more specifically, the month) always causes me issues.

So, where I a have a cell where the month is "Jan", or "Feb", I need it to be "01" for Jan, "02" for Feb and so on.

So.... assuming cell F2 is the cell with the month in it, the following nested If formula will do the job


Once I have the month as a number, I can easily combine the 3 numbers making up the day, month and year (ddmmyy) in to a cell for my script to accept.

I'm sure there's a better way of doing it, but hey ho...  This does the job for now.


  1. Hi, stumbled on your blog after reminiscing about the 3d construction set (great to see it's not been forgotten btw). And saw your nested function - I really struggle with these - my dyslexia combined with excels inability to do any indenting in formulas mean I've worked out how to do this in other ways...
    You could make a sheet of the month names and values, then use the index and match functions (see or alternatively (for an even easier formula and compatibility with open and libre office) use the lookup function (the lookup function needs an ordered list to search, whereas the match function doesn't) so you could put the months and values in another sheet called "months", with month-names in column 1 and month-values in column 2 and sort it alphabetically on the month-name column the formula would be =lookup(F2,months!A1:A12,months!B1:B12)
    All the best, Craig

  2. Nice one. I knew there must be a better way of doing it. It's one of those functions I use probably once a year but can never be bothered to look at doing it differently. Thanks :D