Sunday, November 15, 2020

Game Covers - Cuthbert Enters the Tombs of Doom (Commodore 16 and Plus 4)

In the year of 6502 BC, I JESMON HYS, a natyve of ye far away city of Nodion, dyscovered ye ancient tombs of Ledromica, some three decaydes pasts, whilst on a trek through ye rich pastures of TATSECLUS.  I entered into the tombs and from thence I spent many years exploring the myriad of chambers and gained much knowledge as to ye ways.  ye promises of great unimaginable treasures and ye straynge inhabitants of ye many coloured caverns.  From ye many carvings and scriptings on ye walls I have come to know of an even greater goal.  It would seem that somewhere in ye tombs was a temple, dedicated to ye worship of Rah.  Anyone reaching this temple would be given a gift far greater than any treasure!!  Alas I am now but an olde man, too slow of brain and frail of body to continue my quest.  My notes herewithe should help ye, my successor, in reaching a far away goal. There is much to know and many skills to master before thee should enter ye great tombs.

May the force be with ye.

Ye tape

Ye inlay

Ye tape

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