Saturday, September 02, 2006

Look.... No coat

Just a quick post, mainly for Dan and Jodie actually. Here is hard evidence that I DON'T ALWAYS wear my coat indoors... No - the photo hasn't been edited in Photoshop - IT REALLY IS ME WITHOUT A COAT ON INDOORS!!

I got Michelle to take this picture as Proof!

For anyone who reads my blog who might not understand, its been a long going joke about me going round to see Dan and his family (or anyone else for that matter), and not taking my coat off, even if its really hot.

Dan mentioned that I had my coat on in the music video I made for my Comic Bakery Remix. The reason I did was because I filmed extra scenes which didn't make it into the final cut showing me getting ready to take Kieran (my son) out for a walk. It showed me looking at the clock, noticing that I had enough time to fire up the C64 and having a quick play on it. Of course, a quick play turned into a long play and Kieran started to get impatient. Thats when you see him picking up the remote control and turning over to watch Bob The Builder after I get zapped into the TV.

SEE!!!!! There is a reason!

I don't actually make a habit of playing on my computer indoors in hot weather with my leather jacket on!


  1. A likely story. I mean, come on, you've probably taken your coat off and put it by your feet, had Michelle take the photo, and before the lens was even closed, it was back on.

    All pictures lie Mr Wilson!