Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Life without the internet WEEK 3!!!!!!!!

Yep... I'm now into my third week of having absolutely no internet access at home. Each day when I get home from work i check my wireless modem/router, hoping to see the 'internet' light flashing away, indicating that my connection has been re-established, only to see non-activity.

I still don't know who is to blame. Is it BT for messing up our line in the first place and having to make us change our number, or is it just a continuation of the on-going struggle I've been having with AOL disconnecting me all the time without any proper reasons. AOL state that they have no download limits, so it can't be because I've been downloading up to 40gb in 'stuff' every week! When we were down in Essex a few weeks ago, I finally convinced my Mum to go Broadband, and guess what.... she's already been connected and enjoying high speed broadband. If it wasn't for the fact that when I rang AOL up last week, and they reduced my bill for being a 'loyal long-time' customer, I'd probably just ditch them and re-order from someone else..... I'd probably be reconnected quicker!

Changing the subject a little.... I've only 5 more weeks to go before the school summer holiday begins!!! YIPPEEE.... 6 weeks off work. Oh, and a week on Saturday I'm off to Edinburgh to see DJ Tiesto...

...and speaking of DJ's, I've just found out that the school want ME to be guest DJ at our annual summer staff ball at Dumbleton Hall. Should be fun!


  1. Actually, you might be interested to know that "Unlimited Downloads" are subject to something called "Fair Use Policy" which basically says "It's unlimited unless you download tons of stuff, in which case, more fool you"

    You can read their policy here - Jo's dad got caught by Blueyonder's policy and had to pay for his additional bandwidth.

    As usual, "Free" and "Unlimited" doesn't mean that.

  2. Ahhhh.. I knew other ISP's had FUP's, but I didn't know that AOL had one (I must have missed the small print on one of the emails that they sent me!!) Oh well. I don't think it is that anyway, as my line would still show as being Broadband enabled (which it isn't at the moment), but thats worth noting for future reference.

    I wonder what the limit is? I've lost track the amount I've downloaded lately (in Gigabytes), and they have't said anything to me yet.

  3. Actually... to be honest, all this about Fair Use Policies... I think its more of a tactic to stop people using P2P networks for continuous downloading and uploading. I know a lot of people who download gigabytes from sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload etc., and none of them have been told by their ISP's that they are downloading too much.

  4. Well, Blueyonder/Virgin claim to have one, but Jo's dad downloads *stacks* of things daily - he's on their biggest pipe (which I think is now 20mb) and has almost no bandwidth left! He downloads entire series of shows, movies, albums - but he's never been told off or anything...

    Very strange..